Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sally & Jessie

The newest members of our
family are Sally & Jessie, and they happen to be cows!

These baby beauties were born in November, and Corban-ized in July :-) They truly are the sweetest little heifers! They're almost like a dog...and here's why:
#1-they already give kisses:-)
#2-they will eat out of our hand.
#3-they are a low line breed(dwarf per se), and therefore eat & drink significantly less than "normal" cattle...which is fantastic in this drought!
Hmmm...how did we decide on their names? When you have a 4 year old who loves Cars(Sally) & Toy Story(Jessie), it's really a no-brainer ;-)
Growing up, I NEVER pictured myself doing "farm" things w/my children, until I married Caleb, then it was very evident :-) I did somewhat grow up on a farm...I would always help my dad count his calves...it was always fun to see if we came up w/the same number:-) I also went to pennings(mini rodeo)w/my dad when I was little & he would always let me warm up his horse! I remember being his side kick when he would "doctor" his calves...he was the doctor & I was the nurse!
Caleb, on the other hand, was 4-H King of Cattle, and pretty much knows everything about them...at least in my eyes!! When he was 8, his grandpa Winsett gave him his first heifer for his start in 4-H. Twenty years later, the tradition continues w/Corban. Grandpa Butler bought him his first 2 heifers for his start in 4-H.
Corban looks forward to every evening, so he can go feed his cows! I'm so excited about his future & Cruz's future in 4-H!