Friday, January 20, 2012

Holidays 2011

We had such a wonderful holiday season! I'm so blessed to have my family :-) For the second year in a row, Santa woke up both boys on Christmas Eve night! Corban just stared in awe and Cruz cried...because he was either tired(my guess) or he was frightened by the holly jolly man!

Then, five days later, we loaded up & headed cross-country to Phoenix, Arizona for the OSU bowl any loyal fan would;-) *Warning...brag moment!! Both boys did SO well on our road trip!! We left Friday morning & headed to Albuquerque to stay the night, making a pit stop in Hereford, TX to see Caleb's old work & friends:-) After our stay in Albuquerque, we rose & shone & made way to the biggest hole in the Earth, better known as The Grand Canyon. Being the over protective mom that I am, I was secretly worrying about taking the boys there & the edge of the catch my drift!! But we made it in & OUT & the boys loved it!!

We then made our way to stay with Caleb's Uncle Chris & Aunt Patty in Prescott, AZ. Fun!! Fun!! They have the most beautiful & modern house I've ever seen!! And, it was high up in the mountains:-) Breathtakingly gorgeous!! We spent New Year's Eve with Aunt Patty(poor Uncle Chris was sick that night) & had 3 celebrations(eastern time, central time & mountain time)!! Complete with "party favors." Poor Cruz wasn't impressed!

The next morning, we hiked 1 mile up Thumb Butte(that's some butte!! For you, Aunt Patty!)and 1 mile down! I definitely didn't need to use my thigh master that day;-)

Just starting out...

Lucky kid! Caleb wouldn't carry me on his shoulders:-(

Ahhhh! Finally made it to the top!

This kid would NOT let go of "his" rock!

The thinkers of the family;-)

After all the fun in Prescott, we headed to Phoenix Monday morning for game day. We made it to the hotel just in time for the Cowboy pep rally...and...TO SWIM!!! Swimming outside in January :-)

Corban loving the waterfall!

Cruz...not so much!! "Daddy! That's close enough!"

Thank goodness for the swimming pool because it wore them BOTH out! :-) After baths & In-N-Out burgers(delish!), we picked Daddy up from the game & headed home! The boys slept from Phoenix until Amarillo...10 hours!! Awesome:-) Good thing I downloaded a ton of "peppy" songs on my phone, because mommy drove until sunrise...only having to slam on the brakes once for a herd of elk...yes, the road! It was a fast, but very fun trip :-)

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