Friday, September 9, 2011

1st days of school

This day definitely snuck up on me. Corban started his first day of Pre-K at Bethel on Wednesday, August 10th! He's such a big boy & mommy & daddy are so proud of him :-) He loves it!! He looks forward to going everyday & playing with his new friends!

Outside of Mrs. Wade's classroom :-)

Corban wasn't the only one who started school...Cruz started his "school" the following week:-) He goes to Mother's Day Out twice a week to "socialize & play." Every time we turn into the parking lot, I hear "pay pay" (play play) from the backseat! He loves being a big boy like bubba & going to school :-)

Baby boy makes his own fun in the car while we wait on bubba to get out of school:-)

LOVE these boys of mine!!! :-)