Monday, April 26, 2010

That's the weigh!

Yep!! That's the "weigh" we do it with a chunker lunker :O)
Cruz is officially a BIG boy!!! He's outgrown his infant seat by a mile...not to mention he was breaking my back every time I carried him in that thing! Times like these make me sad because that just means he's growing up and he won't be my baby least my little baby!! I'm totally going to be the mom that will probably embarrass my boys' when they get older by kissing and hugging on them way too much!! They'll get used to it :O) That's what mommies do! My mom(Gma as the boys' call her)bought Cruz a five month early birthday present that's scheduled to arrive on FRIDAY!!! It's his very own big boy carseat to match Corban's! It's a Recaro and it's probably the BMW of style and protection when it comes to the carseat world. I want the best when it comes to protecting my babies and Recaro is top-rated when it comes to safety! They actually make the seats in the fast race cars, so you know they're good! No, not getting paid to promote them...just love their products!!

Tuesday was a big night for all of us! Why?? Because:
1.)We went to a a theater...with both boys'!!! That in and of itself was a feat!
2.)It was Corban and Cruz's first time to watch a movie in a theater!
3.)They did great!!!! Even Caleb...:O) Haha!
4.)We saw 'How to Train Your Dragon' in cool!
5.)Corban now has, yet again, another alter-ego. He's Toothless the Dragon...or as he calls himself, "I'm Tooless and these are not my hands, they're my wings!"

And lastly, but definitely not least, I leave you with this:

After 3 years of being abandoned, moved from state to state, and being stuck in the garage as part of the permanent decor, this bright, shiny, and red Radio Flyer has a new life :O) Corban received this wagon from his Nana and Papa during his very first Christmas. RF was stuck in a corner of our garage for all this time! We would walk by it everyday, but it was as if we never noticed it because we were so used to seeing it there! Kind of like our Christmas cards that are still hanging up in our living room...they've become part of the decor now!! Every time we have friends come over they always comment on them! I walk by them 50 times a day, but never "notice" them! Maybe that should be a life lesson. Stop. Slow down. Breathe. Embrace your surroundings. Then, I remember I have kids and I don't have time for that stuff...:O) Here's a couple pictures of RF chauffeuring the boys'!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Here came Peter Cottontail...

The Easter bunny found his way to our house this year! In fact, he came a day early! The main reason he came early was because mommy just couldn't wait :O) So Caleb dressed up as a big Easter bunny and came a-hoppin' down our street...haha...not really! That is a really good idea, maybe I can talk him into that next year! The Easter bunny brought Corban "Toy Story" and I just could NOT WAIT to watch it. Now, I'm over it!! We've watched it constantly since Saturday morning! I have no idea what's going on in the world right now because I haven't been able to get my daily dose of the news!

On a side note...we just found out today that Caleb's mom is about 6 months away from getting a kidney transplant!!!!!! This is such GREAT news!!! The power of prayer works :O) Thank you to all who continued to pray every day! Six months from now, it'll be close to the boys' birthdays, and what a great present for both of them. Their nana will receive a transplant so she can watch them grow up and chase after them:O)

Here are some of my favorite Easter pics...