Monday, February 20, 2012

Battle of the door=Cruz's 1st ER trip

I hope this was the one & ONLY ER trip for little man, but being an ornery & rambunctious boy, we'll probably see more! The battle of the sliding door got ahold of his pinky & the door won.

Cruz's little pinky got caught in between the sliding door & the stationary window & he lost his nail because of it. What a trooper though!! The ONLY time he cried during the ENTIRE ordeal was when he had to stop watching cartoons on Daddy's phone so the doctor could look at his pinky.
The ER doctor said that he had been his best patient all day! I think he's a bit proud of his injury;-) He gets to wear a really cool blue wrap on it & he tells everyone he sees, "I hurt my finger in da door" with giant puppy dog eyes:-)

Cruz proudly showing off his blue-wrapped pinky;-)

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  1. Poor baby but what a big cheesy smile!!! Is it growing back fast?