Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 3rd, 2013

January 3rd holds a very special place in my heart. This is the day that my dear husband was 29 weeks old. He weighed 2lbs, 11oz & doctors told his parents that "if" he lived, he would be a vegetable his entire life. His mom went in for a regular checkup that day & doctors told her that they needed to take the baby because her kidneys were shutting down. She's had kidney problems ever since she was a little girl. Wow! What a miracle Caleb is today!! Thirty years later...he has been very involved in 4-H his entire life, became State 4-H President, received a college degree, married his lovely wife(lol!!), maintained a job that he loves & has 2(almost 3)ornery sons of his own:-)

Okay, now fast forward to today, January 3rd, 2013. Not only is it my husband's dirty 30 birthday, BUT his mother received her kidney transplant today(in surgery as I type)!!!!!!! Prayers have been answered!! Caleb's mom started dialysis 3 times per week right after Caleb & I married 8 years ago. She has ALWAYS kept a positive spirit & attitude about everything she's gone through, including her breast cancer days. God definitely made her an inspiration to SO MANY people:-) We love you, Nana!!! Here's a picture of her on her way to the OR!


  1. That's fantastic news! I hope the new kidney takes quickly and her recovery is speedy!

  2. Amazing story!!! Wishing her many happy years with her new kidney!!!!!